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TravelFix® Regular Hoodie - microfiber anthracite

TravelFix® Regular Hoodie - microfiber anthracite

- ergonomic travel pillow -

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Ergonomic travel pillow TravelFix®, the ideal travel companion - microfiber

Whether in the car, on the plain, bus, train, as a personal pillow at the vacation spot or on the beach lounger, with the SANDINI TravelFix® travel pillow you prevent neck pain successfully and arrive relaxed at your destination.

The special travel pillow / neck cushion

Arrive optimally rested – at the vacation spot or on the business trip

Your vacation begins with the journey

The ergonomic travel pillow SANDINI TravelFix® makes you enjoying your holidays from the very beginning. Being small and handy, it accompanies you from the start, because with its stable and high-class transport bag it can be attached to all hand luggages easily. Unpack it within seconds and lean relaxed into the soft but supportive pillow – in the position that is most comfortable for you. Sweet dreams are guaranteed.

Always and everywhere

The varied travel pillow SANDINI TravelFix® is the faithful companion for relaxed sleeping on your business or vacation trips. Whether in the car, on the plain, bus, train as a personal pillow at the vacation spot or on the beach chair , the travel pillow convinces with its uniquely ergonomic fit.


Due to the stable and size adjustable Velcro fastener , the SANDINI TravelFix® travel pillow can be attached conveniently and adjusted universally tighter and wider according to size and need. Simply twisting enables to position the pillow so that your head is supported optimally while sleeping.


The premium travel pillow SANDINI TravelFix® impresses not only with its visual appearance but with its valuable workmanship and the quality of the materials used.

Large Choice

SANDINI TravelFix® is available SANDINI TravelFix® is available in the fabrics, microfiber, plush and in the brandnew heat-regulating Outlast® technology. The diverse range of colors surely makes you find your favorite one among our range of TravelFix® travel pillows.

Available in three sizes:

SANDINI TravelFix® XS:        kids/ slim size (unisex girls/ boys)
SANDINI TravelFix® S/M/L: flexi size (unisex women/men) -  flexibly
SANDINI TravelFix® XL:        plus size (unisex women/men) -  plus size from a neck circumference of about 45 cm

From a business traveler’s point of view: Superbly sleeping everywhere and whenever I want!
From a tourist’s point of view: Already starting the vacation relaxed!

Healthy sleep is essential:

„Sleep is denoted as condition of outer rest. The everyday life of many people is dominated by stress, pressure to achieve and rapidity. Always higher, faster, further. But allowing yourself rests in between and sleeping enough is important. For many people even a journey involves stress. The seats in the car, train, tour bus or plain are too upright and too uncomfortable to be able to put the head down and relax. The head gets heavy and drops forwardly if the traveler is not able to sleep lying. According to professor Göran Hajak from the psychiatric university hospital in Regensburg this effect is referred to the following reason: “In the moment of falling asleep the brain sends automatically impulses to the posture musculature that slackens after that. Since at that point even the head is not hold upright and sinks, a jumpy awakening is almost guaranteed. “This endogenous danger signal only works sitting down or standing. This has its justification, because the body knows that it actually shouldn’t sleep at the perpendicular”, the expert points out.

But what to do if you, being a traveler, have to sleep sitting down?

Sleep deficit can lead tomental and physical tiredness and reduce accordingly the performance. But you want to generate the full load output on the first day of your business trip or you want to enjoy the first vacation day to the fullest by not having to recover first from the exertions of the arrival for a long time?

The ergonomic travel pillow SANDINI TravelFix® was developed on the basis of these countless customer wishes, perceptions and suggestions:

A travel pillow that fulfils the sleep and relaxation requirements of tourists and business travelers equally. A travelling companion, a pillow that consults the wishes of campers as well as air, car, bus or rail travelers. A travel pillow that is of an elaborate, ergonomic and intelligent form and that supports the head while sleeping. A travel pillow, that serves its purpose on the journey as well as at the vacation spot or at home. A travel pillow that moreover considers the needs of customers with neck problems or problems with the cervical spine, by unbending the nape and preventing possible pain of the cervical spine. A travel pillow available in all colors, fabrics and sizes one could wish for. A travel pillow obtainable with an intelligent, temperature-balancing and heat-regulating fabric, to store and release heat if required and create in this way a comfort temperature.
The days of travel pillows, neck cushions, neck rolls, neck supports, bolsters , supportive pillows and neck pillows are over. You can dump these ones after the first travel, because they don’t work and you are vexed with the purchases. Here you see the most elaborate travel pillow on the market and it will not disappoint you! Because it was developed by you: SANDINI TravelFix®. Help yourself and convince yourself of this comfort!

Product Details

  • SKU:
  • EAN:
  • Packaging Dimensions:
    Height: ca. 26 cm, Width: ca. 13 cm, Depth: ca. 12 cm
  • Fabric:
  • Material:
    100% polyester microfiber
  • Size:
    Regular Size
  • Color:
  • Filling:
    Fiberballs 100% Polyester
  • Cleaning Hint:
    waschbar bis 30°C und trocknergeeignet/ washable up to 30 ° C and suitable for tumble drying
  • Gewicht (kg):
  • Delivery Time:
    1-3 business days

Delivery Content

• SANDINI TravelFix® Regular Microfiber
• Handy gratis transport bag with fastening buckle integrated in the handle

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